Fall-Themed Cover Photos to Spruce Up Your Shop

March 15, 2023

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September 27, 2022

Your cover photo is the perfect way to draw in and delight your customers.

Not only can a cover photo attract potential buyers, it will also get them in the mood for all of your seasonal products! 

Did you know that the images you use in your store, on your social media profiles, and in individual product listings can influence whether or not a customer buys? Help customers get into an autumn mindset with these free cover photos. They’re already sized to fit perfectly in your Castiron store.

Enjoy these beautiful fall-themed cover photos that are Castiron-ready. Just upload them and start selling your seasonal products today! 

How to use these photos

Drag your desired cover photo to your desktop or right click on the image to download. If you're on mobile, save the photo and upload to your Castiron store in seconds.

Log into your Castiron store here, or create your store in minutes.

Browse our fall cover photos

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